Frequently Asked Questions

Are Andy’s products gluten free?

No we do not have gluten free products.

Are the yellow and red fish breading salty?

The products do contain salt. The degree of saltiness depends on the person consuming the breading. We do offer Low Sodium Red Fish Breading.  Customer may ask where to purchase the Low Sodium product.

Are yellow fish and red fish breading hot?

No. Both have a blend of spices that includes black pepper and both contain red pepper at minimal amounts. The impact of the pepper flavor is different from person to person. Additional cornmeal can be added to dilute the breading. Frying will give a less spicey flavor as opposed to baking because in the frying process you lose some of the spices.

Can Andy’s products be refrigerated or frozen?

Yes, any of the Andy’s products can be either refrigerated or frozen to extend the shelf life and quality of the product. This should be done if you plan to save for an extended period of time before use or after opening the product.

Can I use the small bags again once they are opened?

Yes, Store in an airtight container in a cool place (75° F or cooler) away from heat. For maximum shelf life and quality products may be stored in the refrigerator or freezer. The remaining product in the bag should be discarded if there is a chance that any raw meat was introduced into the breading and may have caused contamination.

Can the Andy’s products be used interchangeably on different meats?

Yes, the breading can be used interchangeably on any type of meat. However, the chicken breading is flour based and the fish breading are cornmeal based. These products may coat differently and taste differently based on the type of meat used.

Can you tell me if your Red Fish breading is spicy?

The Andy’s Red Fish Breading is “not” spicy. This breading has red paprika (hence the name) that adds a bit more flavor to your fish, and cooks a darker reddish-golden.

Can you use convection cooking with Andy’s products?

Yes, convection cooking should not affect how the product cooks and will not dry the product out. The cooking time may need to be reduced as convection cooking may cook the product faster than conventional methods.

Do any Andy’s products contain preservatives?

We do not add any preservatives to our products.

Does Andy’s label for the 8 major allergens?

Yes, Andy’s is aware of the Food Allergen Labeling and Consumer Protection Act and recognizes the 8 major allergens (Wheat, milk, egg, soy, peanuts, tree nuts, fish and shell fish). Our products would identify any of the 8 major allergens in the ingredient statement by the common name.

Allergens in the Andy’s facility include:

  • Wheat

How can Andy’s products be cooked?

The cooking methods for Andy’s products can be Baking, Broiling or Frying. Baking and broiling will retain more of the spices and the spice flavors may be more intense on some products. Frying will cause some of the spices to be lost and the spice flavors may be less noticeable on some products.

How can I make the coating thicker on meat?

  • Mix well ½ cup of milk and one egg.
  • Moisten meat per directions and shake off excess water.
  • Coat the meat with breading per directions.
  • Cook using desired method.

How do I read the lot number?

The Lot number on each of Andy’s products is the date of manufacturer and the batch number.

Example: 07250601

July 25, 2006 was the day the product was manufactured.  01 is the batch number for that product or the first batch of that product produced that day.

How much chicken does the chicken breading coat?

  • The 7 oz bag will coat about 2-3 pounds of chicken.
  • The 10 oz bag will coat about 3-4 pounds of chicken.
  • The 5 lb bag will coat about 20-25 pounds of chicken.

How much fish does the fish breading coat?

  • The 7 oz bag will coat about 3-5 pounds of fish.
  • The 10 oz bag will coat about 5-7 pounds of fish.
  • The 5 lb bag will coat about 28-32 pounds of fish.

Preparation of meat with breading?

Meat must be moistened with water and excess water shaken off. This helps in the adhesion or proper coating of the breading to the meat. Note: if salt water is used to rinse meat the final cooked product will taste saltier.

Should I use fresh oil or previously used oil when frying?

Other spices or flavors may be picked up from previously fried products if the same oil is used. Choice of the oil is based on a person’s preference, but for functionality half used oil and half fresh oil works the best.

Should the meat sit in the breading for a certain time before cooking?

It helps in the adhesion or proper coating of the breading to the meat if the meat can sit for a few minutes in the breading. This is especially helpful with coating of fish.

The Chicken breading products seem too hot (mild chicken & Hot N’ spicy).

Both products contain red pepper and other sources of pepper. Hot N’ Spicy contains more red pepper. Frying will give less of a hot impact, as some of the spices are lost during the frying process. Baking will give more of an intense flavor, as spice is not lost when cooked.

Additional flour can be added to the breading to dilute before coating and give a milder taste.

What is the best way to store Andy’s Products?

Andy’s products can be stored like household all-purpose flour or cornmeal. Store in an airtight container in a cool place (75° F or cooler) away from heat. For maximum shelf life and quality, products may be stored in the refrigerator or freezer.

What is the difference between the Yellow fish and the Red fish breading?

The difference between the yellow and red fish breading is that the yellow fish breading “does not” have red paprika. The red paprika gives the fish a bit more flavor and adds a bit more color when cooked.

What is the shelf life of Andy’s products?

The shelf life we recommend is a minimum of 2 years. It is not a food safety issue to consume Andy’s products beyond a year, but the product quality from a flavor standpoint may be less as spices loose flavor over time.  Storage conditions and the length of time the products are held may impact the shelf life.

Why do you use MSG?

MSG is an acceptable flavor enhancer used in many products found on the market. We are required to declare MSG on our product labels in the ingredient statement. Andy’s understands that MSG may be a sensitive ingredient to some people and we do offer NO MSG products that include yellow Fish Breading, Red Fish Breading and our Chicken Breadings.

Customer may ask where the non-containing MSG products can be purchased.

Why is there a warning statement “This Product Contains Potassium Chloride” on the Low Sodium Red Fish product?

This statement is a courtesy to individuals who may be taking blood pressure medication and need to avoid or limit potassium intake.
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