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We help clients increase flexibility and reduce training time while still providing their employees with excellent training and development resources. Hicks-Carter-Hicks now offers on-demand eLearning! Take advantage of the courses we offer via our eLearning series to maximize the potential of your staff, extend resources to your management team, develop all employees, and facilitate a […]
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Consulting Coaching Assessments/Focus Groups/Surveys Training & Development Solutions Training & Development Programs Interactive Online Solutions Everything DiSC Meeting & Program Facilitation Keynote Presentations Overview H-C-H helps clients to identify, assess and resolve challenges in the workplace that impede positive performance, operating excellence and bottom-results. Listed below are our consulting services: Continuous Improvement Process We conduct […]
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Who are We?

Hicks-Carter-Hicks (H-C-H) is an award-winning and full-service performance improvement company. Since our founding in 1999 by Gloria-Carter-Hicks, president & CEO, H-C-H has created and implemented turnkey business solutions that help clients improve the performance of their organizations, teams and employees. Our client list includes commercial (private and public), government, quasi-government and nonprofit organizations of all sizes.

We Help Clients

  • Develop comprehensive strategic plans that focus on goal achievement and continuous improvement;
  • Create a diversity-friendly, inclusive and engaging work environment;
  • Build and/or Augment their Human Resources departments;
  • Enhance their employees’ knowledge, skills, abilities and competencies; and
  • Transform their culture by building a workforce that embraces change, employs creative thinking and supports innovation at every level of the organization.

Why Choose Us?

  • Above all, we are business people—who happen to have comprehensive expertise in the following areas:
    • Human resources;
    • Organizational development / change management;
    • Training & development;
    • Executive coaching;
    • Management consulting; and
    • Meeting and program facilitation.
  • The benefits in doing business with us are greater than the cost of our solutions, i.e., your Return On Investment (ROI) is high.
  • Our solutions are customized to meet the specific needs of clients and integrated to yield the greatest level of effectiveness.
  • Our team of consultants and strategic partners offers over 100 years of experience combined.


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