H-C-H helps clients to identify, assess and resolve challenges in the workplace that impede positive performance, operating excellence and bottom-results. Listed below are our consulting services:

Continuous Improvement Process

We conduct a diagnostic assessment of the organization’s culture, procedures, processes, systems and workflows. This review consists of a systematic approach to identify areas that need improvement. We then recommend and develop appropriate solutions.


Diversity & Inclusion

We assist organizations with conducting diversity & inclusion assessments, developing diversity & inclusion plans and implementing diversity & inclusion initiatives. In addition, our company helps organizations focus on the human and business factors associated with diversity & inclusion. We concentrate on the following key component of diversity & inclusion:


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Human Resources (HR)

For organizations that need additional staff in their HR departments, we act as an extension of existing staff—working on special assignments and projects. Organizations that do not have an HR department or HR professionals on staff hire us to handle their HR functions. We specialize in Employee Relations, Employee Engagement, Talent Management and other similar HR functions.


Organizational Development

We help organizations plan for change; manage the change; assess the impact of the change; address the human factors associated with the change curve; and maintain stability, productivity and growth during and after the change process.


Performance Management

We provide clients with a systematic approach to managing human performance and aligning performance and behaviors with organizational expectations and strategies.


Strategic Management & Planning

We facilitate a structured approached for clients to follow during the development of their strategic plan and the implementation of their strategy.

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