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Assess and Develop Employees from Anywhere!

Are you looking for an economical alternative to traditional classroom training, surveys and assessments? If so, then Hicks-Carter-Hicks has the solution! Introducing H-C-H Interactive, an online suite of organizational management tools to augment our existing state-of-the-art HR and Management Consulting services. H-C-H Interactive is an affordable approach to automating workforce training, surveys and assessments. Additionally, H-C-H Interactive is conveniently accessible from our website, by email invitation or even through your own organization's intranet!

Surveys & Assessments

  • The H-C-H survey solution offers a mid-point alternative between costly survey consultants and the limited freeware available online. Our platform is customizable, yields robust reporting and can be branded to your organization or program.
  • H-C-H is an Authorized Partner of Everything DiSC®. These are exceptional online assessment instruments for assessing and developing employees.


The H-C-H online campus offers an array of self-paced on-demand courses that include Leadership Development, Diversity, Coaching and numerous other modules.  H-C-H’s online courses are SCORM compliant, which means they can be taken as stand-alone sessions from any computer/mobile device or integrated into your existing Learning Management System.

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