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St. Louis Symphony Orchestra

"We have partnered with Hicks-Carter-Hicks on training and recruitment projects and my experience with Ms. Carter-Hicksand her associates has been terrific. The feedback from other staff involved has also been nothing but positive."


"We have valued our partnership with Hicks-Carter-Hicks for years and have always been extremely satisfied with the high level of support and professionalism we receive from their staff."

Greater Cincinnati Water Works

"Hicks-Carter-Hicks always brings its "A-game." Their facilitators' energy, enthusiasm, preparation and knowledge connects with the GCWW audiences. As a result, they enthusiastically interact with the facilitators and each other. Adults learn best from each other and Hicks-Carter-Hicks facilitates that process."

Westfield Insurance

"I am very pleased with all the services provided by Hicks-Carter-Hicks. Hicks-Carter-Hicks delivers high-quality work on time."

Colarelli, Meyer & Associates, Inc. (CMA)

"Hicks-Carter-Hicks has partnered with CMA to help a couple of our clients with highly challenging situations focused on diversity. Hicks-Carter-Hicks is effective and an expert in this arena."

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