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(Download a copy of The Black Rep Season 37 Education Brochure)


The Black Rep Touring Company performs more than150 shows yearly for schools, community centers, corporations, churches and other organizations in St. Louis and throughout the region.  The shows complement curriculum by illustrating history, teaching literature and reinforcing morals.  Shows run 50-55 minutes.

Touring Productions


Themes explored in these shows include Communication, Arts, Storytelling, History and Character Education

Rabbit And Robot – The Sleepover

by Cece Bell

Rabbit is excited: his friend Robot is coming to spend the night! Rabbit has left nothing to chance and has drawn up a list of all the things they will do. First off is making pizza, but Robot only likes nuts and bolts and. is watching TV, but the remote is missing, and Rabbit is panicking! Will Robot find a logical (and rather obvious) solution to the problem? Number three is . . . uh-oh! Why is Robot lying down instead of playing Go Fish? And what is that message reading “BAT” printing out from a slot on his front? Rabbit’s carefully planned visit with Robot doesn’t work out exactly as he imagined in this offbeat tale about two comically mismatched friends. Audiences: Grades Pre K-5, Community




1963 – 1964 The Children Did March

Conceived and Adapted by The Black Rep

This special performance commemorates and celebrates the 50th Anniversary of some of the most memorable events of the Civil rights movement.  This piece brings to light the powerful contributions of youth during the movement, in Birmingham, St. Louis and other major cities, as they marched for racial equality and demonstrated the power of nonviolent actions.  It includes songs of inspiration and determination.

Audiences: Grades 5-8, college and community





Designed to motivate and inspire students while they’re having fun. Must be at least 5 days in length, but can be scheduled for up to six weeks.  Students develop their own performance piece during the residency, and educational formats are designed according to MISSOURI SHOW ME STANDARDS IN EDUCATION.



Using basic techniques – movement, characterization and an overview of African American playwrights – to encourage creative self-expression and introduce students to theatre and poetry performance.



A field trip to The Black Rep offices and production shops to experience what it takes to get a show to stage. Discussion of varied staff positions and skill sets link students’ curriculum and the job arena.


(These programs are adaptable for Teacher In-Service sessions, as well as other adult groups and organizations.)



Interested teens gain experience in stage management, as they get backstage exposure helping to prepare dressing rooms, adjust costumes, prepare props and perform other vital duties prior to and during the run of each show.



An eight-week program for ages 8-17, designed to provide young people the opportunity to expand their talents and imagination through acting movement, voice, writing and costume crafts. The program culminates in a special production for students’ families at the end of the season.


For multi-session or long-term residency pricing, contact the Education Department at 314.534.3807




To schedule a Touring Production or Student Matinee

1. Check budget.

2. Grade levels/number of students;

3. Production choice; type of performance space.

4. Check calendar for 2 date/time choices.

5. Contact: Linda Kennedy, 314.534.3807



TOURING PRODUCTIONS (Fee structure for Local Productions)

Fee Structure for Local Productions

Schools                                   $775-$950

Colleges & Universities             $950-$1,400

Corporate Groups                    $1,200-$1,500

Schools/Local Back to Back     $1,250-$1,700

*School cost can be covered by Title 1 funds


Prices will vary for:

1)        Out state MO/IL-sites 50-100 miles of St. Louis (Base price: $1,250)

2)        Sites over 100 miles of St. Louis and Out-of-State $1,250 plus negotiated travel Expenses.


Required Performance Space:

1)        Approximately 25’x20’ open space

2)        Auditoriums, gyms, cafeterias, multi-purpose rooms, etc.

3)        Access to electrical outlet

4)        Secure suitable private room for costume changes  (not a restroom)



$10.00 per student

Up to 450 students

One teacher free with every 15 students



(June 24 – August 10, 2013)

Entire eight-week program = $750

A registration fee of $50 plus 50% of the total tuition is required to reserve your child/teen

enrollment.  The remainder of the tuition is due on the first day of class.


(one instructor per 15-20 youth)

45 minutes =   $150

60 minutes =   $250

90 minutes =   $350

Careers in the Arts = $10/student


For multi-session or long-term residency pricing, Contact the Education Department at 314.534.3807