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Why Join The Phoenix Rising Society?

You’ll be preserving The Black Rep and building a foundation for the next generation.
Introducing a remarkable opportunity to preserve, build and gain access to the nation’s premiere African American theatre company.
When you join the Phoenix Rising Society, you’ll preserve an extraordinary
platform of artistic expression for others and receive an impressive list of
members-only benefits for yourself.

How it works:

The Phoenix Rising Society membership is a package that includes two
subscriptions and a $100 contribution.
For $500 per season, a Phoenix Rising Society member will receive two
subscriptions and will be making a $100 tax-deductible contribution. In total, the special discount price is $200 per subscription.
To qualify for the Phoenix Rising Society, participants pledge to renew their tickets under the same terms the following season. Members can also choose to purchase an entire two-year plan for $1,000.

Membership benefits include:

• Season tickets to the main stage at the Grandel Theatre.
• Two preview passes for a main stage production rehearsal.
• 10% discount on all Black Rep merchandise.
• Two free tickets to a Black Rep Sunday Concert Series concert.
• Free behind the scenes tour of The Black Rep production facility.
• Advance notice and pre-sale ticket opportunities.
• Invitation to exclusive members-only events.

What makes the Phoenix Rising Society so important? Because ticket sales and other earned income only cover 45% of our expenses, memberships provide valuable support for our annual operating budget.