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Patron Services

House Manager

The House Manager can assist you by answering questions about parking, patron services and house policies.

Emerson Performance Center at Harris-Stowe State University: The House Manager is on duty in the lobby of the Emerson Performance Center at Harris-Stowe State University beginning one hour before each scheduled performance until the performance’s conclusion. Inquire of any usher or at the Box Office to speak with the House Manager.

Show Times

Wednesday (only the first week of a production) and Thursday Nights – 7 PM

Friday and selected Saturday Nights – 8 PM

Selected Saturday and Sunday Afternoons – 3 PM.

Late Seating

All performances begin promptly at the advertised curtain time. To ensure the enjoyment of the majority of our patrons, and in deference to the performers, latecomers will be seated in the closet seat available at an appropriate pause in the performance at the discretion of the House Manager. At intermission you can be seated in your assigned seat.

Beepers/Cellular Phones/Electronic Devices

In consideration of other patrons please silence cell phones, beeping watches and other electronic devices when you enter the theatre.

Paging Services

If you require paging during a performance, please register your seat location with the House Manager when you arrive at the theatre. Messages will be delivered to you as soon as possible.

Cameras/Recording Devices

The use of cameras and/or recording devices in the theatre is strictly prohibited by Actors’ Equity Association. Unauthorized cameras or recording devices will be confiscated by the management.

No Smoking, Please

Smoking is not permitted in the theatre, lobby or restrooms.

Children’s Attendance

Due to subject matter, not all performances are suitable for young children. As a general rule, no child under the age of five should attend Mainstage, performances. Babes in arms are never allowed.

If you have a question about whether a given production would be suitable for young members of your family, please call the Box Office at (314) 534-3807 for more information. Basic age-appropriateness guidelines are available on the page for each production in the season

Bad Weather Policy

The Black Rep maintains a firm policy of not canceling performances due to bad weather. For this reason, we urge all ticket holders to make every effort to attend. There are no ticket refunds.

Should travel be impossible for you at performance time, please call the Box Office at (314) 534-3807 the next day and we will make every effort to arrange another time for you to see that particular production. There is no guarantee, however, that seats for an alternate performance will be available