On December 18th, 2015, at 11 a.m., Cori Bush announced she will run for U.S. Senate. (announcement speech below)

” Thank You. I thank my family, and my friends, who have gathered here today from across this great state to be share this occasion with me.

I am extremely grateful to have my children standing here with me.

We chose this day because it marks the 150th anniversary of the ratification of the 13th Amendment abolishing slavery.

I stand here today, December 18th, 2015 to announce that I am a running, to represent the people of Missouri, as a Candidate for the United States Senate.

When I think about Washington D.C. I frequently ask myself, am I being adequately represented in the discussions, the decisions of an ineffective, us versus them mentality Congress? The answer is sadly and often-times NO!

I very seldom sense the love for people. To represent people, you must love people. I have a deep love for ALL people. The old, the young, the poor, the middle class (yes even the wealthy) – because we are all the same in the sight of God!

I love my black, brown, red, yellow and white brothers and sisters. The gay and the straight, regardless of your ethnic background, urban and rural. We are all Missouri. We are all American! Together we are a stronger America!

Your hurt, is my hurt; your struggle is my struggle; your joy is my joy; your success, is my success. When you need justice, I need justice; when you need equality, I need equality; when you seek peace, I seek peace!

Our needs in Washington are not being met, Congress does not function as it should because of partisan strife.

Our needs in Washington are not being met because of the influence of special interest.

I am interested in you, the people of Missouri! The farmers, the veterans, the steel workers, our students, our teachers, the mentally ill, the disabled, the single mothers, the elderly!

Washington has failed to represent the interest of “We the People”.

I am concerned about how the economy effects your living room; how education costs tend to place a strangle hold on your future; how the healthcare system too often causes people to turn to self-care; and how violence begets more violence.

Why am I running? Because I believe in justice for all people; and I will am willing to work for it, to fight for it. My experience is that of an African American, and a single parent – I have come to know that even the difficult is doable.

As clergy…
As a member of the working class…
As a former small business owner…
As a registered nurse…

I know, first hand, the pain of poverty; but I also know that in this country ANYTHING is possible!

I come from a very proud family with history and tradition of military service: grandfather- WWII; uncle, Vietnam and Afghanistan veteran; my brother, others in my immediate and extended family have also served this country proudly. I want the best for our soldiers, as they deploy and when they return home.

I support the equal rights of gay and straight people; native Americans, Muslim and Latino Americans. I believe and support the protection of our faiths.

This is the heart beat of Missouri; this is the heart beat of America. What makes us different is what makes this state and this country beautiful.

In the beginning I mentioned my children – they are my hope, my inspiration, my motivation. My children, your children, are the reason that I want this country to be better, to be greater, to be safer, to be more fair, to be more just.

I do not take this challenge lightly. It will be difficult. But I am not alone in this campaign. This is a fight for the future of this state, of this country. I am ready for the challenge, I am ready for the fight.

I am you, I am Missouri, I am America…
God bless you all! “


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  1. Darryl Gray

    Dec 19, 2015  at 4:15 am

    Glad that you have accepts the challenge


  2. Lafayette

    Dec 21, 2015  at 4:15 am

    Cori is a great person to lead our state. I am with her candidacy 100%. Congratulations Senator Bush


  3. Zaki Baruti

    Jan 27, 2016  at 4:15 am

    Great Announcement. May God Be With You As You Do His Work


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