I just reviewed President Obama’s Call to Increase Gun Control. I strongly support the Second Amendment to the Constitution, and I believe that people in this state and country have a constitutional right to bear arms, defend themselves, family and property. I do agree that people with mental illness and convicted felons should not have access to guns. Most residents of Missouri agree that gun violence has to be addressed, while over 40 % agreed that we need to require more strict gun control measures, stricter background checks, penalties for gun related crimes should be increased, more funding for agencies that provide support services for this issue. The federal government has not passed any gun control measure since the 1994 Brady Bill and currently 40+ states now allow the possession of assault rifles. The current United States Congress MUST work together to address this issue, but the last several years has shown that they will not work together for very much of anything. Missouri must send people to Congress who are committed to working together to protect our people, our communities, our state, and our country.

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