St. Louis Pastor and protester, Cori Bush is stepping into an arena some may say she is not prepared for. The reason people may think Cori is not ready is due to “her lack of elected experience”, but does that mean she is not the right candidate?

President Barack Obama’s so-called “lack of experience” was questioned in 2007, before he became the leader of United States of America, and after leading our country into eight years of economic growth and world-wide respectability.

You can be sure that Hall of Famers Michael Jordan, Ozzie Smith and Kurt Warner did not have the experience needed to be great in the beginning of their careers (Michael Jordan was cut from his high school team), but like Cori, all had the desire and willingness to learn what it takes to be competitive and successful, which lead to their greatness.

The questioning of Cori’s experience also brings a counter question: What has been the benefit of those in the United States Senate, who have been there for several years without benefitting the ‘least of these and most vulnerable’ in society? Not only have many done much of nothing in the wake of injustice and inequality in our state, there are those who have been unwilling to change the way ‘things have always been done’, even within the Democratic Party. Also with their many years in the Senate, do you feel that they have been found out of touch with the people’s needs? Do you see them using their experience to change a corrupt system, or to take advantage of legal loopholes for major donors and special interest? They have done nothing to correct social issues for the sake of keeping their position, what do you think?

Like Cori, it is time for all of us, politically experienced and inexperienced, to stand as Missourians and American citizens to do our civil duty to not allow our country to go backwards. As voters, we need to re-commit ourselves to do what is needed to bring about better days for each other. Let’s have the conversation.

-Eric Green

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