Cori stood on line with other Missourians filing for office.

Cori stood on line with other Missourians filing for office.

Jefferson City, MO, February 23, 2016– Tuesday morning Cori Bush, an African-American working mother, full-time nurse, activist, and pastor from St. Louis filed as a Democratic candidate for United States Senate. Cori’s decision to run was sparked by her work in Ferguson as a protester, as clergy, as a medic and as a witness to and victim of excessive police force. Cori realized her voice and the voices of other hard working Missourians were not being heard in Washington. She is determined to change to face of the Senate.

Your hurt is my hurt; your struggle is my struggle; your success is my success. When you need justice I need justice; when you need equality I need equality; when you seek peace I seek peace.

Since her declaration in December, Cori has traveled across Missouri meeting people weary of Washington’s ineffective politics having no relationship to their lives and building a coalition of support. After filing, Cori traveled to Kansas City and Columbia where she met with pastors, community and political leaders before driving home to St. Louis. On Wednesday Cori Bush returned to Kansas City where she met Bernie Sanders before his afternoon rally and invited him to St. Louis.

In March Cori Bush launches a two month Listening Tour. Cori and her team will reach out to people throughout the state, people of all backgrounds, people across the political spectrum, asking them what their greatest hopes and concerns are.


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