The Missouri Legislative Black Caucus has been vocal and vigilant in their response to Republicans who are trying again to push legislation seeking to restrict voting by traditionally Democratic-leaning voters, like African and Hispanic Americans. Usually this type of legislation is necessary when there are numerous and extreme cases of voter fraud, but that is not the case in Missouri. Many have questioned the lack of leadership from state-wide Democratic leaders who claim to put their political careers on the line by fighting against the Republican controlled legislature and other “old guard Republicans”. Without question this action is intended to discourage minority voters, but the Missouri laws could also, in effect, restrict some Republican votes as well. What is even more concerning is that Republicans are prepared to sacrifice some of “their own” in order to depress Democrat turnout. For those who claim to be able to “influence legislation across party line”, we are still waiting on you to use your influence to protect the rights of voters, who have historical had to fight this same fight for way too long. I support the position of the Congressional Black Caucus and other equality seeking members of Congress who are calling for the permanent restoration and strengthening of the Voting Rights Act of 1965.

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