St. Louis tech developer and investor Nick Apperson shared his thoughts about Cori Bush and her run for the U.S. Senate on Facebook Tuesday night.

The high points – Integrity, Compassion, Hard Work

I’m going to talk a little bit about why I support Cori Bush for US senate and why I think supporting her is so important. If you live in Missouri, please share this with your friends.

Above all else, a politician must have integrity. I don’t care what you say if I can’t trust you. I think the reasons should be pretty obvious. Cori Bush is a person that I trust. She has had skin in the game; she has put her actions where her mouth is; no one is perfect, but I’ve asked around and no one has questioned her integrity.

Second, a politician must have compassion for people. Our economic policies should be designed to help people. Without people, economics would be meaningless. We invest in schools because we believe it will help people. We make murder illegal to keep people safe. If a politician isn’t operating from a place of compassion and concern for people, they have no hope of making decent choices. Sadly, most politicians lack compassion.

Cori Bush has shown through her actions and her experience that she places people first. She has placed herself in countless dangerous situations, not out of a lack of self concern, but because she has developed concern for fellow humans that we can all learn from. She has taken the time to help gang members find their better selves. She has taken the time to support people that society has ignored for their mental illness. We need a leader that understands that each person needs compassion.

Third, a politician must work hard to continue learning. Through this hard work, good laws are created. Through this hard work, politicians can see further into the future and avoid mistakes. Through this hard work, politicians grow and learn, responding to information that we may not even have as citizens. At the appropriate time, they bring it back to us and explain why they didn’t always do exactly what we asked. Over time, good leaders develop credibility because they listen to what we need and want, but they sometimes find solutions better than the ones we found ourselves.

Cori Bush has proved she is a hard worker. She has balanced her work, her education, her activism and now her campaign as well. Anyone who has seen her work in the streets knows that she doesn’t let fatigue stop her. She works tirelessly because she knows how important this work is. When I saw her the other day, she was tired and about to read a semester’s worth of information on tax policy and theory. I strongly doubt her favorite activity is learning tax theory, but she is going to put in the hard work to be really educated, so that she can use her integrity and compassion in the most effective way possible.

If we can’t find it in us to support Cori Bush because we think her campaign is too ambitious, we might as well just elect Putin. I’m not saying that we’re going to win every election and I’m definitely not saying that the war to create a system with integrity, compassion and intelligence is going to be won quickly, but history has shown us that the future is always made of the impossible. Be on the right side of history; see it before the others and humbly help humanity get there.

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