An Introduction into Cori’s Heart

Cori Bush believes in:

  • Supporting a living wage for all Americans and Equal Pay for women and minorities
  • Expanding Medicaid and reducing the costs for prescription drugs
  • Fully funding public education and improving the quality of public schools
  • Fair Policing and Criminal Justice Reform
  • Eliminating the school to prison pipeline
  • Tax relief for blue collar workers and small businesses
  • Eliminating loopholes for corporate tax breaks
  • Reversing the damage done by Citizens United
  • Grassroots funding for political campaigns
  • Stabilizing Social Security for future generations
  • Mental Health reform aimed at reducing gun violence
  • Supporting veterans transitioning from deployment to the workforce


As United States Senator, Cori Bush would immediately work to:

  • Increase the federal minimum wage to $15 per hour
  • Enforce legislation that punishes corporate criminals
  • Repeal trade deals that reduce jobs for the middle class
  • Uphold rights of privacy for women
  • Enforce equal pay standards for women and minorities
  • Pass reasonable immigration legislation
  • Repeal NCLB, increase curriculum reform, and decrease costs for college tuition
  • Increase environmental justice regulations and enforcement for poor and middle class communities
  • Introduce legislation to reform police practices and policies including demilitarization
  • Eradicate the school to prison pipeline and over-incarceration through education reform, more funding to youth job programs, and reduction of funding to prisons


I am the people that I serve